The purpose of Teach Them To Fish™ (TTTF) seminars and class sessions is to help direct individuals, and their families, into a path of homeownership, financial freedom, and financial independence.  The curriculum is designed to meet individuals where they are in their station in life; by providing group work sessions and individual counseling to help them achieve their financial goals. By helping our participants to change their mindset and instill positive new belief systems; winner’s attitudes are created, NOT victim ones!  Poverty, and lack, is a state of mind and shackled to those who choose to remain in that state.  Financial freedom is a desire -  realized by those who choose to take action and thereby break the shackles of bondage in order to achieve their goals and improve the quality of their lives.  

TTTF seminars and classes will counsel participants in SETTING their POSTURES, answering the questions: “who or what do you want or desire to be, or become?  Who do you want to be when you grow up?    How do you want to dress, travel, socialize?  Where do you want your children to attend school, and where do you want to live?”  By setting your posture, you determine who you desire to be and that which you are passionate about!  The thing(s) for which you have a burning desire to have, or achieve is possible.  And we at TTTF hope to be the conduit to help you get it.  

Your Why will drive you relentlessly until you achieve it or have it, “…That which the mind of man can conceive and believe she/he can achieve”, Napoleon Hill.

Teaching and coaching individuals to believe in the power of their “why” (the human passion, goals, and emotions that God has placed in their spirit just for them) opens the door to being successful regardless of the undertaking.  If you exert that inter force upon your desired outcome (that which you choose), you will succeed!  With the understanding that your why is the fuel (passion) that drives you to take the required action,  you are one step closer to achieving the desired outcome and goals.  Even with empowerment and knowledge, it is still not enough.  Why cannot succeed on its own, it does not function in a vacuum.  It is driven by your supporting belief system and the directed actions which you take.  Reaching a determination of your Why through the process of deduction and intellectualization may prove to be disappointing.  The intellect is flesh and by its very nature a weak connection.  The connection that you seek to link with is a passion and spiritual connection within, “…the mind…” because everything is thought!  The action behind your thoughts, commitment and discipline to see it come to pass and faith that can move mountains can all manifest into a new reality for you.